Arrival in Senegal

I’ve made it! I’m finally here. Thank goodness. This has been about 23 months in the making and I’m finally here! Our plane left at 10pm Et and arrived here around 10am our new time (not sure what it’s actually called). Our flight was delayed because Air Force One was on the ground and therefore no planes can fly out haha. Anyways, sleepy flight. We arrived very tired, but the other Peace corps people greeting us were friendly and excited and got us STOKED! We took busses to Thies where we will be for a while for language and culture training. The facility is small and pretty, but we are essentially on lock down. Obviously we are a liability walking the streets not speaking the language(s). Haha. Our group marks the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps Senegal!

We were welcomed with a huge communal lunch of spiced rice, veggies, and meat served in a bowl the size of a hula hoop and about 5 people shared from each bowl. It’s banana and watermelon season right now. Awesome! Comin’ up on mango season (can’t wait!)

Aaaaand it’s quite warm and humid. Didn’t stop us from dancing to the drums in the afternoon heat for an hour though!




One thought on “Arrival in Senegal

  1. parke

    Let’s see: wake up, check email, huffingtonpost, grist, and danasenegal. Thanks for keeping us all updated on the big adventure.


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