Rules of the Road

Need to pass? Honk
Need to pass on the right? Pull onto the dirt and pass. Also honk
Need to pass the horse drawn charett? Honk
Pothole in the road? Slow to a stop, no matter who is in front/behind. Proceed slowly. Or just swerve. Possibly honk
Public transportation: big busses called Alhamdullilah (Praise be to Allah), pack as MANY people/boxes/goats as you can on it. Stop often. Honk
Sept plus: seven people cars. More expensive than the busses. Fit as much stuff as you can on top. Honk
Heards of cows crossing the road: stop as quickly as possible. Honk
Donkeys in the road. Honk
Gila monsters in the road. Stop. Honking won’t help
Bird in the road? Honk and almost stop.
Gotta go to the bathroom? Pull over. Don’t expect trees or bushes cuz there aren’t any. People will honk
Speed? There are speed bumps and potholes to regulate speed. Other than that, there are no police.
Capacity of vehicles? However many people you can fit inside and on top and hanging onto the back
If something falls off? The car behind you WILL pick it up for you and he WILL flag you down to return it to you on the side of the road
Anything alerting? Put on emergency flashers to alert drivers behind you that you’re gonna slow down or that a heard of cows may be approaching by the time they pass
Anything else unusual? Honk



One thought on “Rules of the Road

  1. ted woolsey

    Hi Dana!
    Loved reading your blog, and admire your fire for new experiences and appreciation for your hosts. What a cool journey you are on. Jeremy is living in Japan and Addi enjoying McGill in Quebec. Amazed at how spread over the world you guys are (Colin too, completes the broad distribution).
    Hugs, and cheers to a great couple of years ahead!


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