Sewing Through Our Day


In and out
Back and forth
Up one, back two
Cross one, loop the previous
Up, side, left, up, loop, backwards, side.
Each stitch, its own name,
It’s own personality.
It’s own level of challenge.
The ones who sew – their backs are stooped,
Their fingers hardened,
Their eyes tired.
Each sheet is a part of them for the months it takes to create.
It is the pillow when they need rest,
The scarf when shade is needed.
Anyone who stops by is free to pick it up,
Sew for a while, give rest to the owner.
In this way it becomes a product of the community.
Everyone’s hand has touched,
Everyone’s time given.
The beauty in the detail,
The sheer amount of attention.
“Lend me the needle, I have a splinter.”
“Lend me some yarn, I’ll tie up my braids.”
Peace in a spinning world.
And then when finished, just like that, it’s gone- sold.
Another begins.

These blankets are the work of the entire village, usually many people have their hand in any one blanket. They take months. They are the sole income of the women in Mbolo Aly Sidy apart from the meager income they get from their gardens during the cold season. These blankets allow them to buy things for themselves that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy.

These blankets usually run for about $42, the simpler ones running around $25. If interested, please email me at

Shipping would have to be considered as well, and I’m not completely sure how much it is from here, but I don’t think it’s more than $20.




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