Love in Senegal

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Technically a day late…)

But in favor of the holiday I am going to repost a video that was posted by my fellow Peace Corps volunteer, Ian Yao.  This video is timely in that it talks about love in Senegal and how the caste system is still in play today, causing real life Romeo and Juliet stories every day.

As I watched the video, however, I couldn’t help but think things would be different if this were Mbolo Aly Sidy.  The video is based in Dakar, which has a very leaning-towards-Western mindset and things are much different there than they are in the more rural areas.  These two lovers were able to wait until they were much older (for the girl, especially) and choose who they wanted to marry.  They are the lucky few.  But it does also show the changes in society in this country.  It’s hard to represent a country with such variation between regions.

However, I hope you enjoy the video.  It’s quite cute.


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