Peace Corps Week – Teranga

Happy Peace Corps Week

It is during this week that all RPCVs look back on their experiences.  Some remember certain people, some remember certain moments, some remember the difficult times, some remember the happiest of times.  It is not, however just during this week that we all commiserate about those difficult moments when we were sick or stranded for hours without a car.  It is not just during this week that we laugh together about all the times we got things wrong or completely misunderstood something to the point of hilarity or embarrassment.  It is not just during this week that we find reasons to get together and bond over these moments that we had.  However, it is a good opportunity for us to look back and appreciate the country who made us who we are today, and share it with others.  These moments and appreciation are not limited to just this week, but I’ve taken the opportunity to post about it obnoxiously on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/personal blog site.  It’s a good excuse to reflect and remind myself of the things that really matter – each other.

So thank you for reading.  Following are some photos that have been sent to me since I have been gone.

When watching the video for the Peace Corps Video Week Challenge, it reminded me of so many moments and reasons why I loved Senegal so much.  First, have a look for yourself:

Senegal – the country of Teranga, or hospitality.  “Teranga… it is to do unto others, so that they will be in peace.”


My neighbor Maira holds her new baby sister in her arms – photo sent to me from Binta Sy

Teranga means love.  It means taking care of one another.


Being silly for Coumba – thank you for the photo Mista!

Teranga means accepting someone for who they are, not for how they look or what they believe in.


Making rap songs about farming rice… thanks Maudo

Teranga means forgiveness.. forgiveness for when you do something wrong because you don’t understand how things are supposed to be done


Sharif – my tailor and one of my best friends – thank you for letting me know when I’m doing things wrong and how to do them right (nicely)

Teranga means patience.


The hardest cross-stitch you  could ever imagine… But Gogol Kadja helped me master it!

Teranga means taking care of one another – treating everyone as your brother or sister


Kids from Ken Crawford’s training host family – thank you Ken for the photo to brighten up my day!

Teranga means food – always enough for EVERYONE


Lunch with my family… the best part of the day. I miss the rice and fish!

Teranga means beauty


You may remember Binta from my previous post about her wedding – she was kind enough to send me this beautiful photo montage recently


Teranga means a place you can call home, no matter who you are or where you’re from or how long you have been away.  Home is a place that always welcomes you back and misses you while you’re away.  Home is a place where you feel safe and loved.  Home is a place where you feel comfortable.  Home is a place where you belong.  No matter who you are, you will always be accepted there.

Teranga is Mbolo Aly Sidy



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