My name is Dana.  I decided in my second year in college at UC San Diego that I wanted to go into the Peace Corps after attending an informational session.  The stories from recently returned PC Volunteers moved me in such a way, I knew there was only one thing to do.  I started my application that day.  It’s been a process getting the application finished, qualifying for a program in Africa, waiting for Medical clearance, and then finding out that instead of leaving in March, I would have to wait until September.  I accomplished a lot of things within this time: climbing in Yosemite, Utah, getting my Wilderness EMT through NOLS in Wyoming, took trips through Colorado, Mammoth, then to say goodbye to San Diego.  As I was saying goodbye to SD and all my friends therein, I got the call that my assignment was changed from March to Sept.  Walking back into Bird Rock Coffee Shop, not knowing what my new life would hold, I got offered a job there.  I took it and moved back to SD for the next 4 months, renting an attic on the beach I found on CraigsList.  I then got the seasonal job of my dreams working in Rocky Mountain National Park as an Interpretive Ranger/EMT at the highest elevation visitor center in the whole National Park Service!  My season ended just in time to get evacuated by the floodwaters just as I was driving out of the park.

That’s when my Senegalese adventure began…


Also, check out my Instagram!  It recently got noticed by some important people somewhere.


Recent car ride.. Car broke down in the middle of nowhere

Recent car ride.. Car broke down in the middle of nowhere


And now for the adventure of my life.


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